One of the most important things that the SPS does is outreach and physics education for all ages. Below are the outreach events that we put on or participate in. Click on each one for more information.

Physics Field Day
Physics Field Day is a high school physics competition run by SPS beginning with a two hour written test with multiple choice and free response sections followed by a back of the envelope portion. The top scorers on the written portions proceed to an experiment portion, while students who do not make it are able to listen to talks and participate in demos. The first three places will receive cash prizes.

Spark, Spin, and Freeze is a physics demonstration routine that shows off physics in a very tangible way. As the name suggests, it is split into three parts. In Spark, we use simple metal rods and a cloth to demonstrate static electric repulsion and attraction. Then we turn on the Van Der Graaf generator to have some harmless fun shocking a few volunteers and the Tesla coil to demonstrate the power of electricity. In Spin, we show the often unintuitive effects of conservation of angular momentum and precession with a bicycle wheel, a few hand weights, and a rotatable stool. In Freeze, we use liquid nitrogen to deflate balloons, shatter coins, and make instant, edible ice cream.