Here lay an archive of the incredible people that have made this club what it is today…


President – Spring, Vice President – Fall
Liam Regan
Liam is a 2nd year double-major in Physics and Math. He is also a member of the academic quizbowl team. He enjoys playing many video games and is always down to play with friends.

President – Fall
Lucy Grant
Lucy is a 2nd year physics major with an interest in soft matter and topology. She is in a sorority and also play on the Georgia Tech women’s lacrosse team. In my free time I like to knit, play with dogs, watch Netflix, and go on adventures!

Vice President – Spring
Stacy Wood
Stacy is a physics major and geophysics minor with an astrophysics concentration. They love to cook spicy cuisine, grow succulents, skateboard, and geek out over solar system moons and Jupiter.

CJ Llorente
CJ is a 7th year physics major with an interest in astrophysics. He’s also the PR coordinator for the astronomy club. He enjoys Starcraft and Dark Souls.

Damon Griffin
Damon is a 4th year double-major in physics and Chinese. When not doing physics or speaking Chinese, he can be found performing and competing in Irish step dance.

Webmaster, Historian
Robin Glefke
Robin is a 3rd year Physics major doing a concentration in Astrophysics and a minor in Geophysics. She loves both art and science and is currently taking fine arts classes at SCAD as well as physics classes at Tech! She also enjoys memes, backpacking trips, and cold weather.