The Society of Physics Students is a social and an academic club that invites anyone with an interest in physics, maths, or science in general. Being a Physics major is not a requirement to join this club.

Our weekly meetings may include a mix of socialization with other club members, faculty, and persons of interest, such as Nobel laureates, help with homework, captivating lectures with professors and other guests, advice by graduate students and professors, and a healthy amount of tomfoolery that naturally occurs when students gather together. We also go on trips to cool places (like national laboratories), build things (like fusors and spark chambers), and do outreach.

We meet every Friday at 5:00 pm in Howey room L5. Between meetings, we can generally be found in the SPS room, Howey S203.


Meet your 2016-2017 SPS Officers

President: Alex Buser
I’m a second-year student studying physics and math, and I do research for Dr. Bogdanovic in the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics. In my spare time I particularly enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee. You can reach me at abuser3@gatech.edu.

Vice President: Douglas Stewart
I’m a second year currently studying physics with the hope to research particle physics, in particular the nature of the Strong Nuclear Force. I enjoy drawing, bad horror movies, and rock collecting. You can reach me at dstewart1023@gmail.com.

Secretary: Sam Wiley
I’m a second year majoring in physics and planning to add math. In my free time I like singing and playing the bagpipes. You can reach me at samcwiley@gatech.edu.

Treasurer: Daniel Monaghan
I’m a 4th year physics major and SPS member, former webmaster and current treasurer. I love road tripping, playing smash on my downtime, and having money, and I intend to make sure SPS keeps doing all of the above. You can reach me at dmonaghan3@gatech.edu.

Historian: Mathilda Avirett-Mackenzie
I’m a third year majoring in physics and math and minoring in French, and I do research on black holes in the CRA and work as a TA in the school of math. I also play competitive Super Smash Bros and enjoy rock climbing and growing my vinyl collection. Reach me at msam7@gatech.edu.